Rolex Submariner 16610LV Box and Papers 2004 F serial

Rolex Submariner 16610LV Box and Papers 2004 F serial

Rolex Submariner 16610LV Box and Papers 2004 Full Set Green Kermit This is a Rolex Submariner 16610LV from 2004 with box and papers full set. This Rolex reference 16610LV, otherwise commonly known as the “Kermit”. Rolex commissioned the Kermit model in 2003 as a way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Rolex Submariner’s release. The model has since been discontinued (2010), and so like many of Rolex’s’ stainless steel sport wristwatches, the value of the 16610LV is likely to rise considerably in the forthcoming future. The key unique features of the 16610LV are the strikingly bold green coloured aluminum bezel, and the enlarged ‘Maxi dial’, which exhibits larger hour markers than its predecessors. The distinctive characteristics of this sporty watch are what give the timepiece its nickname. The black dial and white hour markers contrast with the green bezel, giving off an appearance somewhat similar to the famous children’s TV puppet, Kermit the frog. Pre-engraved models have become the most sought after by collectors. This watch is 40mm in diameter with a steel bezel and an original mint Green Submariner insert, it has the black maxi dial and steel Oyster bracelet. This particular model of the submariner has all the revisions for this model This model has the SEL ( Solid End Link) Bracelet which means the end link is now made of solid metal which made the bracelet a lot more sturdy and less prone to wear. This bracelet also features the gold running through the clasp. This model also features the no holes in the lugs which made for a cleaner look to the sides of the case.  For all these reasons this is the most desirable model within the submariner 16610LV range as it contains all the revisions and therefore is the one the Rolex collectors go for and is one of the rarest due to the shortest production run. This watch is in mint condition and comes as a full set with box and papers. These Rolex submariner 16610LV model has become highly sought after and are continuously rising in value and therefore makes for a great investment.This Rolex has undergone a thorough inspection of water resistance, accuracy, functionality and condition to determine the level of reconditioning required to meet our strict standards. It has also been referenced against technical documents and manufacturer records where available to ensure authenticity and a clean history.Watches are covered by 14 day money back guarantee and a 12 month Warranty so buy in confidence.We have many other Watches in stock so please feel free to look at our other listings.  Viewings are welcome at our Showroom, so please contact us to book an appointment


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